Dytek® ADN Adiponitrile

Product Information

Molecular Structure
IUPAC Name Hexanedinitrile
CAS Number
  • 111-69-3
Other Names
  • 1,4-Dicyanobutane
  • Adipodinitrile
  • Adipyldinitrile
  • Dytek® ADN
Molecular Formula C6H8N2
Molecular Weight 108.144 g/mol
Typical Composition
(wt %)
Adiponitrile 99.9
Water 0.05
Other Organics 0.02
Chemical & Physical Properties

Chemical & Physical Properties

Property Name Value
Boiling Point, °C(°F) 192 (378)
Freezing Point, °C(°F) 2.3 (36.1)
Viscosity at 30°C (86°F), cP 5.8
Vapor Pressure, 40°C (104°F), mmHg 0.01
Vapor Pressure, 154°C (309°F), mmHg 10
Specific Gravity, 20°C (68°F) 0.965
Flash Point, cc, °C (°F) 163 (325)
Dipole Moment, 75°C (167°F), Debye 3.87
Solubility in Water, wt%, 20°C (68°F) 9
Solubility in Water, wt%, 102°C (215.6°F) 50
Heat (kcal/mol) of Formation, 25°C 39.3
Heats (Kcal/mole) of Fusion ---
Heats (Kcal/mole) of Vaporization ---
Applications & Uses

Applications & Uses

Production of Hexamethylenediamine

Dytek® ADN


Synthesis of Adipoguanamine Resins

Dytek® ADN



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