Life Sciences

Our INVISTA products can be used in two major market segments; pharmaceutical intermediates and agricultural chemicals. Our Specialty Amines such as DYTEK® 3APN, DYTEK® 2PN nitrile and DYTEK® HMI are unique building blocks for developing pharmaceutical intermediates. For example DYTEK® 2PN nitrile is a linear unsaturated liquid nitrile. Its conjugated double bond enables a series of addition reactions at the (beta) carbon, producing ethyl-branched derivatives. Many of our products are unique starting materials that have biological active properties. Consider DYTEK® MGN, DYTEK® HMD, DYTEK® EP diamine, DYTEK® HMI and DYTEK® A amine for these applications. Our boron product, DYTEK® TIPB is a precursor in the formation of Suzuki coupling reagents. In the agrochemical market, DYTEK® HMI, DYTEK® MGN and DYTEK® A amine, can be used as intermediates in the manufacture of herbicides and insecticides, DYTEK® HMI and DYTEK® 2PN nitrile are intermediates that can work to meet your needs.

Other INVISTA Products

FlexiSolv® DBE® esters as a carrier solvent.