Water Treatment

Polykis-phosphonic acid and polyacetic acid derivatives produced from INVISTA DYTEK® Amines are used in a variety of water treatment applications such as scale inhibition, chelation and flocculation. DYTEK® HMD, DYTEK® A amine, DYTEK® DCH-99 amine, DYTEK® BHMT, and DYTEK® BHMT-HP are all used as their acid derivatives in these applications. DYTEK® BHMT and DYTEK® HMD are favored for lower cost uses, such as down-hole applications in oilfield work, while DYTEK® A amine imparts improved aqueous solubility to its products for chelation chemistry. DYTEK® DCH-99 amine derivatives, primarily the tetra acetic acid derivative, are used as analytical reagents for aqueous systems in QA laboratories and have been used as specialty flocculants in pulp mills.

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