Accelerate Epoxy Curing Time With DYTEK® A Amine

When using common cycloaliphatic and long chain amines as epoxy hardeners, formulators often have to sacrifice in properties such as gel time and viscosity to achieve key mechanical properties. INVISTA’s DYTEK® A amine, with its short gel time and low viscosity, can act like an accelerator in your epoxy curing application. With as little as 10% DYTEK® A amine in your formulation, you can achieve a 20-50% reduction in gel time while retaining important mechanical properties. 

An added benefit of blending DYTEK® A amine into your epoxy formulation is reducing the viscosity of your final product. This allows for improved flow for sprayed or rolled coatings, and often has the added benefit of improving the finish of the coating due to more even wetting of the surface. Faster cure time may also reduce surface finish problems such as haziness caused by long exposure to moisture or carbon dioxide during curing.

The charts below show the influence on gel time that DYTEK® A amine has in adducts formulated with IPDA, DYTEK® DCH-99 amine, and JEFFAMINE® D-230 polyetheramine.  

Formulation information: Adduct formulation is made up of 100 g amine blend + 75 g benzyl alcohol + 25 g triethanolamine + 60 g EPON 828 resin. Coating formulation is 90 g of Adduct used to cure 200 g EPON 828 resin. All ratios are by weight of amines.

JEFFAMINE® is a trademark of Huntsman Corporation.

EPON is a trademark of Hexion Inc.