INVISTA Launches New DYTEK® Specialty Materials Website

INVISTA Specialty Materials recently launched an upgraded website for its portfolio of DYTEK® specialty material products. The new site,, provides an accessible way for customers to learn about DYTEK® amines, nitriles and boron products—a family of multi-functional building blocks with unique properties that can offer solutions to customers’ various market needs.

“Our objective with the new site is to make it easier for our customers—scientists, innovators, formulators, purchasing agents, bench chemists and business personnel—to find current, useful information,” said Derek Underwood, DYTEK® specialty chemicals global product and marketing manager. “The common thread among all of our DYTEK® amines, nitriles and boron products is that they are unique molecules with which countless unique derivatives can be made.” 

The new website will feature a wider selection of technical literature, including technical brochures with ideas for new solutions to difficult problems. 

“In the marketplace, the DYTEK® brand is synonymous with innovation,” said Underwood. “Our global team is quick to commercialize amine, nitrile and boron-based solutions that can help address a variety of customer issues—ranging from finding the right raw material for composite or coating formulations to creating a solution for a completely new market.”

While the DYTEK® team’s main office is located in Wilmington, Del.—the headquarters of INVISTA’s Specialty Materials segment—the team has a global presence and plans to make available in several different languages. With sales teams in each major region of the world, the DYTEK® team has the capability to deliver innovative solutions to customers around the globe.