ADN, MGN, and 3APN

INVISTA DYTEK® nitriles offer a wide selection of functional possibilities for chemical modifications. DYTEK® Adiponitrile (ADN) is a high-purity, high-boiling liquid aliphatic dinitrile used as an intermediate for manufacture of hexamethylenediamine and of adipoguanamine resins. DYTEK® Methylglutaronitrile (MGN) is a clear, colorless liquid dinitrile which can undergo hydrolysis to methylglutaric acid, alcoholysis to esters and reduction to diamines. And DYTEK® 3-Aminopentanenitrile (3APN) is a high-purity liquid that can function as a chemical intermediate in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

2M3BN, 2PN, and 3PN

The following DYTEK® products are all unsaturated nitriles used in various applications. DYTEK® 2-Methyl-3-Butenenitrile (2M3BN) is an unconjugated mononitrile used as a dye intermediate, for flavor and fragrance chemicals, and to prepare unique aminosilanes. DYTEK® 2-Pentenenitrile (2PN) is a linear, liquid nitrile suitable for transformation to ethyl-branched fatty diamines, pentylamines and Diels-Alder adducts.  Lastly, DYTEK® 3-Pentenenitrile (3PN), an unconjugated mononitrile, is used as a polar solvent for ionic reactions, extractions and extractive distillations. INVISTA’s DYTEK® nitriles can tackle the toughest synthesis challenges.