Polyamide Grease Thickeners

Diisocyanate-free Alternative to Lithium Grease Thickeners

INVISTA is working to develop a series of new polyamide grease thickeners to provide alternatives to lithium based greases and diisocyanate based polyurea products while achieving similar levels of performance.

Lithium Supply and Price Uncertainty

As electric vehicles gain an ever greater share of the car market, uncertainty about future price volatility and security of supply of lithium continues to build. INVISTA’s polyamides could help address these uncertainties.

Diisocyanate-free Alternative

EHS issues related to the handling of diisocyanates in grease plants are a significant hurdle to the widespread adoption of polyurea greases.

The use of polyamides to thicken greases may give the market a high performing polymeric alternative to both polyurea and lithium greases that is diisocyanate free.

Use Alone or in Hybrid Formulations

Polyamide grease thickeners offer flexibility by adjusting the molecular weight and formulation, for example, the performance can be varied to meet a variety of market needs.

The potential for Polyamides as co thickeners with Lithium, Sodium and Calcium soap thickeners, as well as with Clay and Polyurea thickeners, opens additional flexibility in matching performance to application needs.

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