Molecular Ideas. Massive Impact.

Dytek® Specialty Intermediates are a family of multifunctional amine and nitrile chemical intermediates developed to inspire R&D chemists and formulators/product developers. With Dytek® Specialty Intermediates, chemists can introduce new and differentiated products, discover new routes in organic synthesis, and advance new chemistry.

Our Products

The Dytek® Specialty Intermediates line of products include linear, branched, and cyclic aliphatic amines and unsaturated nitriles.

The importance of asymmetry

The asymmetry created by the stereocenter at the 2-methyl branched carbon in Dytek® A allows for four possible spatial orientations in polymer backbones. This uniqueness disrupts crystallinity - reducing melting point and glass transition temperatures – and helps obtain properties not easily obtained by other methods.

Aminovation Lab

The Dytek® Aminovation Lab is a resource to initiate collaborative innovation between market leaders and our R&D team. Together, we can create new solutions to your toughest challenges. Introduce intelligently designed amines made specifically for your products. With our team and raw material resources, you can expand your creativity and possibilities.

Aminovation Lab