Corrosion Inhibitors

Dytek® Amines provide formulators a new set of tools to improve product performance and minimize additive costs:

  • Reduced discoloration of the fluid concentrate and the working diluted solution
  • Liquid and vapor phase corrosion protection
  • Five unique amines to customize desired properties


An independent third-party test showed that a small addition of Dytek® amines to four commercially available, water-based cutting fluid concentrates enhanced the corrosion resistance of each sample.


Corrosion and scale formation in steam generating systems such as boilers, which raise steam for turbine-generators set to produce electricity or heat exchangers to heat process fluids, can lead to a reduction in heat transfer or failure of boiler components. Volatile amines can be added to boiler and or steam lines to prevent acidic corrosion caused by CO2 in these steam condensate systems. Morpholine is one of the most widely used amines because it provides effective corrosion inhibition in both the liquid and vapor phase.

Dytek® HMI Morpholine
Molar mass (g•mol−1) 99.18 87.12
Appearance Colorless liquid Colorless liquid
Density (g/cm3) 0.88 1.007
Melting point (°C) -37 −5
Boiling point (°C) 138 129
Solubility in water (25°C) 3.19X104 mg/l Miscible
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg) 8.09 (25°C) 6 (20°C)
Acidity (pKa) 11.07 8.36

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