Epoxy Curatives

Epoxy Curatives

Epoxy resins cured with Dytek® amines have excellent properties for use in coatings, civil engineering, adhesives, marine, and composite applications.

FeaturesTypical Applications
Dytek® AFast curing
High toughness and flex strength
Low temperature curing
Low Viscosity
Thin film Coatings
Construction adhesives
Marine Coatings
Outdoor or refrigerated spaces
Dytek® BHMTFlexible coatings
Impact resistance
Long pot life
Road surface coatings
Soft-feel coatings
Dytek® DCH-99Low viscosity vs. IPDA
Chemical resistance
Highest Tg of all Dytek® Amines
Tank linings with chemical exposure
High temperature applications
Wind turbine blades
High-performance composite parts

The process properties of an Epon® 828 resin cured with a stoichiometric amount of Dytek® amines, isophorone diamine (IPDA), trimethyl hexamethylenediamine (TMD), and a polyether diamine were tested for comparative purposes.

More information about the specific formulations, test conditions, and cured epoxy properties are available in the Epoxy Curing Technical Data Sheet.

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Alternative to Isophorone diamine (IPDA) for Chemical Resistance

DYTEK® DCH-99 amine is a cyclic aliphatic diamine that contains a mixture of cis- and trans-isomers and is a colorless liquid at room temperature. Dytek® DCH-99 can be substituted for Isophorone diamine (IPDA) in many epoxy coating and composite applications that require high-performance chemical resistance and high Tg.

Cured Epoxy Properties

Dytek® DCH-99IPDA
Tg, (DSC), 2nd run, °C176158
HDT, °C9497
Shore D Hardness8686
Izod Impact Strength, Unnotched, ft-lbf/in25.97.1
Charpy Impact Strength, ft-lbf/in24.86.9
Flexural Strength, psi X 10312.812.2
Elasticity Modulus, psi X 103439377
Tensile Strength, psi X 1034.46.4
Elongation at Break, %2.42.1
Epon® 828 resin cured with a stoichiometric amount of each amine.

Compared to IPDA, Dytek® DCH-99 maintains a lower viscosity even after adduction making application easier with better leveling, flow, and smoothness in epoxy coatings and good flow and distribution in molds in epoxy composites. Dytek® DCH-99 also has a lower Hydrogen Equivalent Weight (HEW) giving more curing capability on a weight basis and better overall cost effectiveness.

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