Epoxy Curatives

Epoxy Curatives

Epoxy resins cured with Dytek® amines have excellent properties for use in coatings, civil engineering, adhesives, marine, and composite applications.

FeaturesTypical Applications
Dytek® AFast curing
High toughness and flex strength
Low temperature curing
Low Viscosity
Thin film Coatings
Construction adhesives
Marine Coatings
Outdoor or refrigerated spaces
Low color product
Low to no odor
Longer pot life (vs. DYTEK® A)
Low color adhesives and coatings
Electronic and electrical applications
Staged Curing
Dytek® BHMTFlexible coatings
Impact resistance
Long pot life
Road surface coatings
Soft-feel coatings
Dytek® DCH-99Low viscosity vs. IPDA
Chemical resistance
Highest Tg of all Dytek® Amines
Tank linings with chemical exposure
High temperature applications
Wind turbine blades
High-performance composite parts

The process properties of an Epon® 828 resin cured with a stoichiometric amount of Dytek® amines, isophorone diamine (IPDA), trimethyl hexamethylenediamine (TMD), and a polyether diamine were tested for comparative purposes.

More information about the specific formulations, test conditions, and cured epoxy properties are available in the Epoxy Curing Technical Data Sheet.

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Alternative to Isophorone diamine (IPDA) for Chemical Resistance

DYTEK® DCH-99 amine is a cyclic aliphatic diamine that contains a mixture of cis- and trans-isomers and is a colorless liquid at room temperature. Dytek® DCH-99 can be substituted for Isophorone diamine (IPDA) in many epoxy coating and composite applications that require high-performance chemical resistance and high Tg.

Cured Epoxy Properties

Dytek® DCH-99IPDA
Tg, (DSC), 2nd run, °C176158
HDT, °C9497
Shore D Hardness8686
Izod Impact Strength, Unnotched, ft-lbf/in25.97.1
Charpy Impact Strength, ft-lbf/in24.86.9
Flexural Strength, psi X 10312.812.2
Elasticity Modulus, psi X 103439377
Tensile Strength, psi X 1034.46.4
Elongation at Break, %2.42.1
Epon® 828 resin cured with a stoichiometric amount of each amine.

Compared to IPDA, Dytek® DCH-99 maintains a lower viscosity even after adduction making application easier with better leveling, flow, and smoothness in epoxy coatings and good flow and distribution in molds in epoxy composites. Dytek® DCH-99 also has a lower Hydrogen Equivalent Weight (HEW) giving more curing capability on a weight basis and better overall cost effectiveness.