Dytek® BHMT Bis(hexamethylene)triamine

Product Information

Molecular Structure
IUPAC Name N'-(6-aminohexyl)hexane-1,6-diamine
CAS Number
  • 143-23-7
  • 68411-90-5
Other Names
  • Bis(6-aminohexyl)amine
  • Dihexylenetriamine
  • 1,13-Diamino-7-azatridecane
  • 7-Azatridecane-1,13-diamine
  • Hexanedinitrile, hydrogenated, high-boiling fraction
  • Dytek® BHMT
Molecular Formula C12H29N3 - pure BHMT
Molecular Weight 215.385 g/mol
Description BIS-HEXAMETHYLENE TRIAMINE is a colorless crystalline or flaked solid
Typical Composition
(wt %)
Bis(hexamethylene)triamine 98
Other amines and lactams 2
Chemical & Physical Properties

Chemical & Physical Properties

Property Name Value
Boiling Point, °C (°F), 4 mmHg 164 (327)
Melting Point, °C (°F) 32–34 (90-93)
Flash Point, °C (°F) (Open Cup) 121 (250)
Specific Gravity 0.88
Bulk Density, lb/gal 7.34
Amine Value, mg KOH/g 760
Amine Equivalent Weight 72
H Equivalent Weight 43
pH, 5% Aqueous Solution 12.6
Applications & Uses

Applications & Uses

  • Asphalt Anti-strip Additive
  • Cationic collectors for ore flocculation
  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Cationic emulsifiers
  • Chelating agent
  • Epoxy curing agent
  • Flocculating agents
  • Polyurethane chain extender or catalyst
  • Polyamide resins for Adhesives, Films, Inks, Plastics, Wet strength paper resins
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