Dytek® Amine Initiated Polyols

Dytek A + PO

Specialty polyols based on multifunctional amine initiators serve as excellent cross-linking agents and catalysts for use in polyurethane coatings and rigid & flexible foams. With a functionality of four and two tertiary nitrogen atoms, diamine-initiated propylene oxide-based polyols provide multiple cross-linking sites with autocatalytic properties. The unique asymmetry and longer backbone of Dytek® A delivers its well-known benefit of lower viscosity compared to similar polyols based on symmetric diamines.

Ethylenediamine + PO Dytek® A + PO
Nominal hydroxyl value 770 627
Nominal functionality 4 4
H - Equivalent Weight 73 87
Nominal molecular weight 292 349
Viscosity, CPS @ 25°C 52,000 2,780
Appearance Water white liquid Water white liquid
CAS Number 102-60-3 1538638-02-6