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Product Information

Molecular Structure
Chemical Name Propyl Ethyl Pentane Diamine
CAS Number 75405-14-0
Chemical Formula C10H24N2
Molecular Weight 172.32 g/mol

Chemical & Physical Properties

Property Name Value
Viscosity TBD
Amine Value 651
Hydrogen Equivalent Weight 43.1
Recycled Content 94%

Synthesis of 3-ethyl-2-propyl-1,5-pentanediamine (PEPDA)


Propylethylpentamethylene diamine (PEPDA) is a developmental stage diamine designed for use in epoxy and isocyanate systems as well as a monomer in high performance polyamides. As an epoxy curative, PEPDA provides a long pot life and gel time, good chemical resistance, and high shore D hardness. PEPDA has no odor and is a colorless low viscosity liquid with 97% recycled content. Performance of formulated epoxy systems suggests PEPDA may be used as an alternative to trimethyl hexamethylene diamine (TMD).

Comparison to TMD in a Standard Epoxy Blend

Trimethyl hexamethylene diamine Dytek® PEPDA
Epoxy blend viscosity, cP 778 697
Gel time, min 60 82
Pot life, 100 g sample 42 64
Temperature, (max,°C) 184 183
Shore D 84 84
Heat Deflection Temperature, °C 98 100
Flexural Strength, (psi x 103) 14.8 16.3
Elasticity Modulus, (psi x 103) 382 382
Tensile Strength, (psi x 103) 9.72 8.37
Elongation at Break, % 4.18 3.26
Dielectric constant, 1 MHz, 25°C 3.94 3.68
Chemical Resistance (wt% change) (wt% change)
Deionized water 0.78 0.62
10 wt% acetic acid (aq) 4.98 2.05
10 wt% HCl (aq) 0.65 0.89
10 wt% NaOH (aq) 0.60 0.65
Xylene -0.02 0.12
Gasoline 0.27 0.17

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